Forms & Manuals

Administrative Procedure Manual

Listed Alphabetically - Download                 Listed Numerically - Download

    100 - General Administration
    AP100 - Appendix - CI Planning and Reporting Template Download
    AP100 - Continuous Improvement Plan Download
    AP101 - Annual Reports Download
    AP105 - School Planning and Reporting Download
    AP110 - Appendix - Decision Making Matrix Download
    AP110 - Decision Making Levels Download
    AP120 - Policy and Procedures Dissemination Download
    AP121 - Review of Administrative Procedures Download
    AP130 - School Year Calendar Download
    AP131 - School Day Download
    AP132 - Emergency School Closure Download
    AP133 - Bus Service Cancellation Download
    AP140 - Appendix - Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines Download
    AP140 - Student Technology - Internet Use Download
    AP142 - IT Imaging Procurement Resources & Equipment Guidelines Download
    AP145 - Use Of Personal Electronic Devices Download
    AP146 - Provisions for Cell Phones (PEDS) Download
    AP150 - Public Information Program - Division Communication Download
    AP151 - Media Relations Download
    AP152 - Complaints Download
    AP153 - Distribution of Materials Download
    AP155 - Event Protocol Download
    AP156 - Visit Protocol Download
    AP160 - Appendix - Universal Precautions Download
    AP160 - Health and Safety Download
    AP161 - Appendix - Category 1 Communicable Diseases Download
    AP161 - Communicable Diseases and Other Medical Conditions Download
    AP162 - Appendix - Pandemic Plan Download
    AP162 - Dangerous -Infectious Diseases - Pandemic Download
    AP163 - Smoking Download
    AP165 - Appendix - Safe Schools Handbook Download
    AP165 - Appendix Emergency Measures Response Procedural Guideline *NEW* Download
    AP165 - Emergency Situation Contingency Plan Download
    AP170 - Appendix - Glossary Download
    AP170 - Human Rights Equity Download
    AP171 - Leave for Community Service Download
    AP175 - Violence in the Workplace Download
    AP176 - Harassment Download
    AP180 - Freedom of Info and Protection of Privacy Download
    AP181 - Video Surveillance Download
    AP182 - Video Cameras on Buses Download
    AP185 - Records Retention and Disposal Download
    AP190 - Copyright Download
    200 - Instructional Programs & Materials
    AP200 - Organization for Instruction Download
    AP201 - Instructional Program Download
    AP202 - Three Year High School Program Plan Download
    AP203 - Curriculum Program Guides Download
    AP204 - Locally Developed Courses (Sept 2017) Download
    AP205 - Controversial Issues and Materials Download
    AP206 - Family Life and Sex Education Download
    AP207 - Religious Instruction Download
    AP208 - Citizenship Education Download
    AP211 - Alternate Programs and Modified Courses Download
    AP212 - First Nations and Metis Language Instruction Download
    AP213 - French Immersion Download
    AP214 - English as an Additional Language (EAL) Download
    AP215 - Physical Education Download
    AP216 - Computer Assisted Learning Download
    AP217 - Community School Program Download
    AP218 - School Wellness Download
    AP218 - Appendix Food and Nutrition Download
    AP219 - Special Project Credit Download
    AP220 - Pilot Programs Download
    AP222 - Building a Community of Learners Download
    AP225 - A Time for Significant Leadership Download
    AP226 - Appendix - Rental Standards School Program Needs Download
    AP226 - Northern Lifestyles Download
    AP227 - Smudging in School Download
    AP230 - Distance Education Download
    AP235 - Driver Education Download
    AP240 - Career Development Program Download
    AP241 - Appendix - Career Portfolios Download
    AP241 - Career Curricula Download
    AP242 - Practical and Applied Arts (PAA) Download
    AP243 - Work Study Programs Download
    AP244 - Career Transitions Download
    AP245 - Youth Apprenticeship Program Download
    AP246 - Appendix A - Apprenticeship Credits Download
    AP246 - High School Apprenticeship Download
    AP247 - Scholarships & Bursaries & Awards Download
    AP247 - Appendix Scholarship & Bursary Application Download
    AP248 - Career Partnerships Download
    AP249 - Summer School Download
    AP250 - Learning and Instructional Resources Download
    AP251 - Challenge of Resources Download
    AP260 - Field Trips Download
    AP261 - Staff Recognition for Extra Student Supervision Download
    AP270 - Home Schooling Download
    AP280 - Program Evaluation Download
    AP290 - Research Studies Download
    300 - Students
    AP300 - Kindergarten Entrance Age - Early Entrance Download
    AP301 - Admission of Resident Students Download
    AP302 - Registration of Special Status Students Download
    AP305 - School Attendnace Areas Download
    AP306 - Student Relocation Assistance Download
    AP310 - Student Supervision Download
    AP311 - Lunch Supervision Download
    AP312 - Student Safety Download
    AP313 - Emergency Drills Download
    AP314 - Gender and Sexual Diversity Download
    AP315 - Accident Prevention and Reporting Download
    AP316 - Administration of Medication Download
    AP317 - Students with Severe Allergies Download
    AP318 - Head Lice Download
    AP320 - Student Records Download
    AP321 - Young Offenders in Schools Download
    AP325 - Dispute Over Child Custody Download
    AP340 - Attendance of Students Download
    AP341 - Student Attendance Non Compliance Download
    AP342 - Student Bullying Download
    AP350 - Student Conduct Download
    AP351 - Student and Family Integrated Services Case Management Program Download
    AP355 - Student Discipline Download
    AP356 - Police or Social Services Interrogations Searches and Apprehensions Download
    AP357 - Damage to Property Download
    AP358 - Crisis Response Download
    AP360 - Student Assessment and Evaluation Criteria Download
    AP361 - Promotion and Retention of Students Download
    AP362 - Retention of Elementary and Middle Yrs Students Download
    AP363 - Student Assessment for Learning Program Download
    AP364 - Course Challenge Process Download
    AP365 - Report Cards Download
    AP380 - Student Representative Council Download
    AP390 - Student Grievances and Complaints Download
    400 - Personnel & Employees Relations
    AP400 - Appendix A - Reference Research and Criminal Record Check Download
    AP400 - Staff Recruitment and Selection Download
    AP401 - Reporting Criminal Charges Download
    AP402 - Personnel Files Download
    AP403 - Assignments of Staff Download
    AP404 - Comprehensive Review Download
    AP405 - Orientation of Staff Download
    AP406 - Leave for Community Service Download
    AP407 - Court Duty Download
    AP408 - Appendix - Terms and Conditions Handbook Download
    AP408 - Terms and Conditions of Employment Download
    AP409 - Employee Assistance Program Download
    AP410 - Employee Substance Abuse and Testing Download
    AP411 - Medical Download
    Form411-1 - Medical Report Download
    AP412 - Staff Conduct Download
    AP413 - Discipllnary Procedures (DueProcess) Download
    AP414 - Transfers Download
    AP415 - Loan of Staff to Other Organizations Download
    AP416 - Staff Reduction - School Level Download
    AP417 - Employee Recognition of Service Download
    AP418 - Resignations Download
    AP419 - Staff Job Abandonment Download
    AP420 - Appendix A - Key Teacher Responsibilities Download
    AP420 - Appendix B - Teacher Planning Guidelines Download
    AP420 - Supervision and Evaluation of School-Based Teaching Download
    AP421 - Staff Development and Professional Development Download
    AP422 - Teacher Accreditation and Renewal o fAccreditation Download
    AP423 - Intern Teachers Download
    AP424 - Monthly Reports Download
    AP425 - High School Course Outlines Download
    AP426 - Secondments Download
    AP427 - Reassignment Download
    AP428 - Request for Release from Contract Download
    AP429 - Staff Reduction - Division Level Download
    AP430 - Organizational Structures Download
    AP435 - Restrictions in Overtime, Time in Lieu & EDO Download
    AP440 - School - Based Administration Download
    AP450 - Appendix A - Non-Teaching Staff Evaluation Download
    AP450 - Supervision and Evaluation of Support Staff Download
    AP451 - Professional Development - Non-Instructional Employees Download
    AP455 - Personnel - Tools and Equipment Download
    AP460 - Substitute Staff Download
    AP461 - Duty to Report Download
    AP462 - Emergency Division Office Closure Download
    AP470 - Contracted Services Download
    AP480 Acceptable use of Computer Network - Office Staff Download
    AP480 Appendix - Unacceptable Network Uses - Office Staff Download
    AP481 - Personal use of Social Media Download
    AP490 - Volunteers in Schools Download
    500 - Business Administration
    AP500 - Business Administration Goals Download
    AP501 - Travel Download
    AP502 - Determination of Staffing Levels Download
    AP503 - Support of Student Travel - Academically Related Events Download
    AP504 - Travel for High School Bus Students - Extra Curricular Events Download
    AP505 - Taxes and Tax Collection Download
    AP506 - School Decentralized Budget Download
    AP507 - Program - Startup Formula Download
    AP510 - Financial Reporting and Audit Download
    AP511 - Transfer and Deposit of SchoolFunds Download
    AP515 - Purchasing Download
    AP516 - Signing Authorities Download
    AP517 - Inventories Download
    AP518 - Disposal of Property - Under Review  
    AP520 - School Fundraising Download
    AP525 - Appendix - Ethical Guidelines for Business - Education Partnerships Download
    AP525 - Advertising and Corporate Sponsorship Download
    AP530 - Insurance Download
    AP540 - Facilities Development Download
    AP541 - Project Design Download
    AP542 - Construction Download
    AP543 - Turn Over Phase Download
    AP544 - Maintenance Program Download
    AP545 - Building Security Download
    AP546 - Chemical and Hazardous Waste Management Download
    AP547 - Environmental Stewardship Download
    AP548 - Caretaking Download
    AP549 - Playgrounds Download
    AP550 - Use of Facilities Download
    AP551 - Break-Ins Download
    AP552 - Decommissioning of Facilities Download
    AP560 - Student Conveyance Download
    AP561 - Student Conveyance - Accident Follow-Up Download
    AP570 - Housing Download
    AP571 - School Transport Fleet Download


Listed Alphabetically - Download                 Listed Numerically - Download

    100 - General Administration
    FormB18-1 - School Community Council Conditional Grant App Download
    FormB18-2 - School Community Council Minutes Invoice Download
    FormB18-3 - School Community Council Nomination Download
    FormB18-4 - School Community Council Candidate Acceptance Download
    FormB18-5 - School Community Council Declaration of Results Download
    FormB18-6  - School Community Council Elections at Large Download
    Form105-1 - Superintendent School First Visit Download
    Form105-2 - Year End Checklist Download
    Form140-1 - Parent Internet User Agreement Download
    Form140-2 - Student Internet User Agreement Download
    Form140-3 - Internet Acceptable Use Agreement Download
    Form151-1 - Media Release Download
    Form175 - Violent Incident Report Download
    200 - Instructional Programs & Materials
    Form200-1 - Individual Teacher Timetable Download
    Form200-2 - Administrative Responsibilities Download
    Form201-1 - Record of Adaptations Download
    Form201-2 - Curriculum Networking Application Download
    Form201-3 - Consultant Services Request Download
    Form201-4 - Consultant Report Download
    Form202-1 - NLSD Three Year Program Summary-2017-18 Download
    Form202-1 - NLSD Three Year Program Summary-2017-18 - Small School version Download
    Form202-1 - NLSD Three Year Program Summary-2017-18 - French incl Download
    Form206 - Sexual Health Education Parent Information Download
    Form217-1 - Community School Monthly Report Download
    Form218-1 - Annual Community Schools Nutrition Program Report Download
    Form219 - Special Project Credit application Download
    Form222-1(a) - Reading Record - Tier 1 Download
    Form222-1(b) - Reading Record - Tier 2 Download
    Form222-2(1) - PLC Mtg and Intervention Plan Template Grades K-9 Simplified - Period 1 Download
    Form222-2(2) - PLC Mtg and Intervention Plan Template Grades K-9 Simplified - Period 2 Download
    Form222-2(3) - PLC Mtg and Intervention Plan Template Grades K-9 Simplified - Period 3 Download
    Form222-2(4) - PLC Mtg and Intervention Plan Template Grades K-9 Simplified - Period 4 Download
    Form222-2(5) - PLC Mtg and Intervention Plan Template Grades K-9 Simplified - Period 5 Download
    Form222-2(6) - PLC Mtg and Intervention Plan Template Grades K-9 Simplified - Period 6 Download
    Form222-3 - Learning Support Plan Mathematics Download
    Form222-4 - Literacy Learning Support Plan Download
    Form222-4 - Literacy Learning Support Plan V2 Download
    Form222-5 - Teacher Assistance Team Download
    Form235-1 - Driver Ed Agreement  Parent Permission Download
    Form235-2 - Driver Ed In-Class Instrutor Pay Voucher Download
    Form235-3 - Driver Ed In-Car Instructor Pay Voucher Download
    Form235-4 - Driver Ed - Contractor Application Download
    Form240-1 - Student Conference Download
    Form240-2 - Exit Interview Download
    Form240-3 - PAA Module Record Download
    Form240-4 - Career Transitions Program Update Download
    Form240-5 - Work Based Learning Consent and Waiver Form Download
    Form249 - Summer School Application Download
    Form251-1 - Reconsideration of Resources Download
    Form260-1 - Field Experience Request Download
    Form260-2 - Parental Informed Consent Agreement Download
    300 - Students
    Form300-1 - Enrolment Projection Download
    Form302-1 - Foreign Student Registration Download
    Form305-1 - Student Transfer-In Form Download
    Form316-1 - Daily Record of Health Care Interventions Download
    Form341-1 - Attendance Contact Log Download
    Form350-1 - Use of Lockers and Desks Letter of Agreement Download
    Form351-1 - Student Interaction Download
    Form351-2 - Case Management Form Download
    Form351-3 - Agency Referral Form Download
    Form355-1 - Incident Report Download
    Form355-2 - Student Suspension Report Download
    Form358-1 - Crisis Report Form Download
    Form358-2 - Hub Referralrm358-2 - HUB Referral Download
    Form358-2 - Appendix - Hub Database Glossary Download
    Form364-1 - Intent to Challenge Course Download
    400 - Personnel & Employees Relations
    Form400-1 - Notice Of Hire Download
    Form400-2 - Employee Benefit Changes Download
    Form400-4 - Direct Deposit Download
    Form400-5 - Emergency Contact Information Download
    Form400-6 - Teacher Reference Questions Download
    Form400-7  - Oath of Confidentiality Download
    Form403-2 - Professional Staff Allocation Download
    Form404-1 - Monthly School Based Staff Attendance Report Download
    Form404-2 - Monthly School Non - Teaching Staff Attendance Report Download
    Form404-3 - Employee Absence - Casual Employment Download
    Form404-4 - Statement of Casual Employment Download
    Form404-5 - Casual Labour & Sub Teacher Pay Schedule 2017-18 Download
    Form404-6 - Facilities Employee Absence - Casual Employment Download
    Form404-7 - Community School Caretaking Casual Labour Download
    Form404-8 - Caretaker's CheckIn - CheckOut Log Download
    Form404-9 - Monthly Time Sheet for Non-Teaching Download
    Form405 - New Employee Orientation Download
    Form407-1 - Leave Authorization - Non Teaching Download
    Form408-1 - Health Care - Drug Claim Teaching Download
    Form408-2 - Extended Health Care - NonTeaching Download
    Form408-3 - Dental Form - Teaching Download
    Form408-4 - Dental Claim - Non Teaching Download
    Form408-5 - Vision Care - Teacher Download
    Form408-6 - WCB-Emploer's Initial Report of Injury (E1) Download
    Form408-7 WCB Worker's Initial Report of Injury (W1) Download
    Form410-1 - Substance Abuse Testing Acknowledge, Consent and Release Download
    Form411-1 - Medical Report Download
    Form414-1 - Notice of Intent to Transfer Download
    Form420-1(a) - Classroom Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(a) - Classroom Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(a) - Classroom Teacher Self Reflection Download
    Form420-1(b) - LNC Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(b) - LNC Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(b) - LNC Teacher Self Reflection Download
    Form420-1(c) - Resource Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(c) - Resource Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(c) - Resource Teacher Self Reflection Download
    Form420-1(d) - HighSchool Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(d) - HighSchool Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(d) - HighSchool Teacher Self Reflection Download
    Form420-1(e) - PreKindergarten Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(e) - PreKindergarten Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(e) - PreKindergarten Teacher Self Reflection Download
    Form420-1(f) - Itinerent Substitute Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(f) - Itinerent Substitute Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(f) - Itinerent Substitute Teacher Reflection Download
    Form420-1(g) - Career Transitions Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(g) - Career Transitions Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(g) - Career Transitions Teacher Reflection Download
    Form420-1(h) - Physica Education Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(h) - Physical Education Self Reflection Download
    Form420-1(h) - Physical Education Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(h) - Physical Education Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(i) - PAA Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(i) - PAA Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(i) - PAA Teacher Reflection Download
    Form420-1(j) - Aboriginal Language Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(k) - Itinerent LNC - Resource Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(k) - Itinerent LNC - Resource Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(k) - Itinerent LNC - Resource Teacher Reflection Download
    Form420-1(l) - Consultant Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(m) - Alternative Program Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(m) - Alternative Program Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(m) - Alternative Program Teacher Self-Reflection Download
    Form420-1(n) - Kindergarten Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(n) - Kindergarten Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(n) - Kindergarten Teacher Self Reflection Download
    Form420-1(o) - FIP Teacher Evaluation Download
    Form420-1(o) - FIP Teacher Observation Download
    Form420-1(o) - FIP Teacher Self Reflection Download
    Form420-1(p) - Principal Handbook - Evaluation Download
    Form421-1 - Monthly Professional Development Profile Download
    Form422-1 - Temporary Teaching Permit - Initial Application Package Download
    Form422-2 - Temporary Teaching Permit - Subsequent Application Package Download
    Form422-3 - Application for Accreditation Download
    Form422-4 - Application for Accreditation (shortform) Download
    Form422-5 - Approval for Renewal of Accreditation Download
    Form424-1 - School Activity Report Download
    Form450-1 - Professional Growth Plan - NonTeaching Download
    Form451-1 - Non-Teaching Professional Development Leave App Download
    Form451-2 - Non-Teaching Professional Development Leave Agreement Download
    Form451-3 - Non-Teaching Professional Development Bursary App Download
    Form460-1 - Police Record Check (sub-teachers & temporary staff) Download
    Form470-2 - Statement of Contract Service Download
    500 - Business Administration
    Form500-1 - Moving Expenses Download
    Form500-2 - Requisition Form (fillable) Download
    Form500-3 - Record of Long Distance Calls Download
    Form501-1 - Expense Claim Form Download
    Form501-2 - Mileage and Travel Rates Download
    Form501-3 - Weekly Statement of Travel Expenses Download
    Form501-4 - Expense Claim - Board members Download
    Form506-1 - Application for Accountable Advance Download
    Form501-7 - Expense Claim - Board members Download
    Form506-2 - Conditions of Acceptance of Accountable Advance Fund Download
    Form506-3 - Request for Reimbursement of Accountable Advance Download
    Form530-1 - Property Insurance Claim Download
    Form530-2 - School Incident Report brochure Download
    Form530-3 - School Incident Report Download
    Form530-4 - Student-Staff Accident Insurance Claim Download
    Form540-1 - Local Labour Clause Download
    Form544-1 - Annual Maintenance Requests - Major Projects Download
    Form550-1 - Request for Facility Use Download
    Form560-2 - Monthly Report on School Bus Operation Download
    Form 570-1 Housing Application -Appendix J-NORAHC Download
    Form571-1 - Bus Travel Report - monthly Download
    Form571-2 - Bus Odometer Report - monthly Download
    Form571-3 - Bus Circle Check Report Download
    Form 599 - Business Card Order Download


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